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As the parent or guardian of a young person with a disability you may want to explore the legal implications of Trusts and Welfare Guardianship.  In New Zealand when a young person turns 18yrs old they are deemed to be an adult and responsible for their own decisions.  However, in the case of moderate/severe intellectual disability the young person may not be legally capable of making or understanding the consequences of their decisions.  In this circumstance Welfare Guardianship (and/or Property Management) can enable a parent/caregiver or chosen guardian to oversee important decisions regarding health, money, property and important life choices.   Trusts are also a useful tool for managing the property of a person with a disability.


Disability Connect regularly runs evening Trusts & Welfare Guardianship seminars at locations North, South, East, West and Central Auckland.  Our speaker at these seminars is Nan Jensen, Barrister and Solicitor, QuinLaw.  The cost is now free of charge but there is the option to purchase the CD rom of sample legal documents for $10 each.


We have one seminar left for this year held on the 21st October on the North Shore


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