Activities – Across Auckland

Accessible Walks:

Visitors to Auckland might wish to check this out, and, of course, feel free to let me know whether you do find the paths and problem reporting sites physically and digitally accessible: The new ‘Akl Paths’ website provides information on 48 wheelchair accessible paths. Also, a new ‘Report a Problem’ service has been created so that maintenance problems at parks; community facilities or venues; beaches or maunga; and roadside or public spaces can be reported and tracked. It can be access here

Activities on-line

Movement for Calm

Art / Craft / Games                         

Communicare Friendship Centres – Across Auckland – adults
Mapura Studios – 09 845 5361 – Across Auckland – All ages, Māpura Studios is a creative space located in central Auckland with satellite groups in other areas. We offer inclusive, multi-modal art classes and art therapy programmes for people of all ages, diversity and need, as well as the wider community. These include visual art, music, cartooning, dance, performance and therapy programmes. We provide a professional service in person-centred visual arts learning, creative therapies, and arts practice – and maintain an extensive exhibition calendar for our artists.
Dice Goblin – Board gaming for teens and young adults – 09 533 5622


Covert Theatre – Home of improv comedy – 13-17 year olds.
Dance & Art Therapy NZ – Across Auckland. DTNZ offers group therapy programmes throughout New Zealand. The sessions focus on what people can do, not what they can’t, and their skilled therapists are there to help find movement, creativity, and self-expression that aid social connection. Sessions occur weekly during school terms. Learn more about the benefits and locations of Dance 4 Us, Arts 4 Us All, STARS, Arts 4 Us Specialty at If you’d like more information, please email Website   Instagram  Facebook
Glass Ceiling Arts Collective – Accessible Youth Theatre programe across Auckland
Mainly Music – Help for whānau with disabled children seeking a sense of belonging online available
Making Music Fun – 09 303 1919, 0800 696 874 – Across Auckland – all ages – Fliers:  North South Rodney West
Music Education Centre – 0800 893 939 – Across Auckland – all ages
Northern Performing Arts – 027 680 4414 – Across Auckland – all ages
Rhythm for the Soul – 0274 334 627– Across Auckland – all ages
Rudd School of Rock – 09 479 1081– Across Auckland – all ages
Dance Therapy NZ – For children on the Autism Spectrum & related disorders including ADHD, Anxiety, PDD and Developmental Delays – 09 636 3029 – Across Auckland – school age
Interacting theatre, a disability arts theatre company – 021 188 9460 / 09 849 5595 – Across Auckland – all ages
National Youth Theatre Company – – Across Auckland – 7-21yo
STARS – A dance movement therapy programme that empowers children and teenagers with a variety of intellectual and/or physical disabilities. It combines creative expression (including movement, music, and body awareness activities) with skill development (i.e. communication, self-regulation, and motor planning). Clients develop social skills and emotional literacy in a supportive, physical, and fun activity-based group facilitated by creative art therapists. STARS is available across Auckland and sessions take place weekly during school term.  An assessment is required to join this clinical programme – and each group is limited to six clients.  Please email for information. Website
Star Jam – 09 300 6257 – Across Auckland – 6-25yo

Holiday Programmes

Spectrum Care Holiday Programme – 09 634 9805 – Across Auckland – school age to 16yo
YMCA Holiday Programmes Holiday Programmes – 09 379 5430 – Across Auckland – school age
Youthtown Holiday Programmes – 09 379 5430– Across Auckland – school age

Sport and Recreation

Aktive– Jenna Baxter –
Aroha Skate022 092 9121
Halberg – 09 579 9931 – Across Auckland – school age
Hydrotherapy Swimming Sessions – Wilson Home – 09 485 3461 – Across Auckland – all ages
Athletics and Swimming  Programme – 09 270 2503– Across Auckland – school age
Para-rowing – NZ Rowing 07 823 4587 – to find a local Auckland club
Recreate Trust – 09 638 5364, Across Auckland – 10-35 yrs.
Special Olympics – Across Auckland – all ages
No Limits Netball Programme at Auckland Netball Centre – No Limits Netball is a programme of skills and netball activities for people with disabilities. The sessions provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for everyone to get out on the court and give netball a go. Sessions are held once a month on a Sunday at the Auckland Netball Centre indoor courts in St Johns. The first session will be held on Sunday 12th May, and the last session is 1st December. 📆 Monthly sessions, Sundays 10am-12pm, ⭐️ Age 5+, 🔵 Free to attend
Beginner Wheelchair Basketball  – 09 270 2503– Across Auckland – 10-23yo


Auckland Council Events (11 – 17  July 2024) – Across Auckland – All ages – Great Holiday Activities
Auckland Libraries Events – A great range of activities across all ages
Storytime across Auckland Libraries – across Auckland – preschool
Wriggle and Rhyme at Auckland Libraries – across Auckland – preschool
Rhyme Time at Auckland Libraries – across Auckland – preschool
Phab Social Groups for Teens/Adults with a Disability 027 334 627, Across Auckland – 16+