Education Legal Issues

This presentation is brought to you by Nan Jensen and is suitable for Special Needs parents. It includes information on:


*     Special Education

*     School rules and discipline

*     Is it legal? What can the school expect?

*     Is it reasonable? What can you expect?

*     A list of relevant resources


Families have often voiced questions regarding disability in the education sector. Nan Jensen, who has been running our Trust and Welfare Guardianship seminars and Legal Clinics, specializes in Disability Law and is now offering to run a seminar on legal issues in education. Questions on section 9 and section 10 appeals, stand downs and many more will be covered in this seminar.

Disability Connect regularly runs evening and daytime Education Legal seminars at locations North, South, West and Central Auckland.  Our speaker at these seminars is Nan Jensen, Barrister and Solicitor, QuinLaw.

Our second series for 2018 dates are here.

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