Individualised Funding including Respite

Individualised Funding is a relatively new Ministry of Health funding mechanism to pay for two specific Disability Support Services – Household Management and Personal Cares (these 2x supports come under the stream “Home and Community Support Services”).   Individualised Funding was introduced as a pilot scheme in 2003 and in 2010 it was introduced more widely using a variety of contracted IF host agencies throughout New Zealand.


IF is based on person-centre control and can offer the person with a disability more flexibility over the implementation of two MOH funded supports (Personal Cares and Household Management), in order to live a more ordinary life.  If you receive either or both of these supports and you wish to use Individualised Funding to manage these supports you can request the NASC (in Auckland this is Taikura Trust) refer you to an Individualised Funding host agency.  Individualised Funding (IF) must be managed through a host agency.  In New Zealand there are 13 host agencies, 6 of them operate in Auckland.  The Auckland host agencies are:

A host agency can provide a scale of various levels of support including coaching/support, payroll, invoicing, etc, Human Resources services, etc.


Click here for more information regarding Individualised Funding from the Ministry of Health website.


The dates for 2018 are now finalised click here for details.

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