2023 Events

Annual Transition Expo – Explore what is available 6th September 2023
Auckland Netball Centre, 7 Allison Fergusson Drive, St Johns, Time: 9am-2pm
Explore what is available. Opportunities and advice from Transition, Vocational, Recreation and Information Providers. Free parking, Wheelchair accessible. All students with a disability and those involved in the disability sector will enjoy this day. For more information email: admin@disabilityconnect.org.nz, phone: 09 636 0351. Click here for details.

Auckland Transition Collaboration Network Meetings 2023 – (added 14 March 2023)
We welcome all families, organisations (who are involved in the disability sector) and schools to attend one of our Auckland discussion meetings – We want to hear, share, learn how to work better together. Our vision is to create connections, awareness and understanding amongst the community of the disability sector in Auckland. These collaboration meetings originally evolved from meetings held in 2017-2021 for families, schools and providers. This collaborative project began with a repeated question from many parents— ‘why aren’t organisations working better with us?’ This collaboration opportunity was created so everyone can connect, understand and become aware of what is available for all. The meetings will provide the opportunity for parents, schools and providers so they can all be in the same room together to network and inform each other. Even if you didn’t attend any of the previous meetings please come along – you are very welcome – as we want to capture the voice of as many people as possible. If you cannot attend please send someone who can share your message and story. Here are a list of our 2022 meetings across Auckland:

South Auckland – Families, Organisations and Education – Tuesday 14 March 10am – 12pm – Click here for flyer. Book here

West Auckland – Families, Organisations and Education – Tuesday 30th May 10am – 12pm – Click here for flyer. Book here

North Auckland – Families, Organisations and Education – 29th August, Zoom – 10am – 12pm – Click here for flier. Book here

Central and East Auckland -Families, Organisations and Education – Tuesday 7th November 10 – 12pm – Click here for flier. Book here