November 2023:

Mainly Music – Mainly music welcomes whānau with disabled tamariki looking for community, inclusion and belonging to our online Sing and Sign mainly music group. This is a group where the session utilises Makaton sign language, PODD card imagery, repetition and appropriate songs for disabled tamariki. It is a space where tamariki will feel welcomed and included no matter their challenges. We’re part of a nationwide network of mainly music and mainly play groups. If you’re not aware of the charity, mainly music – here’s a short introduction: Whānau with pēpi and preschool tamariki come to enjoy a time of interactive fun music. The interactive music is not only a time of delight, its full of educational and developmental outcomes, and is an experience of attachment, creating resilience in tamariki who attend. It’s a joy-filled place of belonging. If you’d like to know more specifically about Mainly Music click here (being online these sessions do not include the eat/play/chat time) or email Natilie: The online Sing and Sign mainly music group has space available – if you would like a space to call your own that is specifically tailored to the needs of your disabled tamariki. The session being online can be accessed from anywhere with a data connect so great when you are unable to get out of home for any reason. If you want to know more, or to register, please go to our website

The My Home My Choice Programme focuses on the work needed to transform the way people in residential services are assisted so they have more choice and control in their lives. They are currently gathering feedback from family and whanau. The sessions will be at the following times: Wednesday 8 November,6.30pm – 8pm – Open sessions for all family/whānau to attend,Wednesday 8 November,6pm – 8.30pm – Kōrero (discussion) with Whānau Māori.Saturday 4 November,10.30am to 12.30pm – Open sessions for all family/whānau to attend,Thursday 9 November,10.30am to 12.30pm – For parents/whānau considering residential care as an option. Please register your interest by email Let us know the time that best suits you and if you have any accessibility requirements. They will then share the Zoom link with you. More information about My Home, My Choice can be found on the Whaikaha website.  They are also holding separate engagements with disabled people and tāngata whaikaha Māori, Pacific people and service providers. For more information on these please email.

October 2023 additions:

Tūrangawaewae Department (Rutherford College – West Auckland) is a small, well-resourced unit that supports students who are funded through Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS), Accident Compensation Claim (ACC) or have High Health Needs.  We offer accessible school grounds including a specialised toilet facility. We offer individualised programmes for each student, supported by registered and professional staff including Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Therapist. Our vision is to help our students develop specific, lifelong skills so that they can become independent, active members in their community and become contributing members of society. We prioritise things like integration into mainstream classes (per interest and support needed), community engagement (hydrotherapy, volunteering at kiwi valley, site visits, outdoor experiences, special olympics, and more). We provide teacher or teacher aide support where required but believe in allowing our students the opportunity to develop their independence skills as much as possible. We focus on functional and life skills based on education outside the class.

Grant Duncan Head of Special Education, Rutherford College-
Dacia Davison Occupational Therapist, Rutherford College-

September 2023 additions:

Aroha Skate is an Auckland based skate school who specialise in lessons for young people with disabilities via private and group lessons. To get involved either book a series of private lessons or ask your school to bring us in for a few lessons with a group of students. Over the last year most of our lessons have been for the Arohanui Schools with small groups of 7-10 skaters during which we bring along all the ramps, boards, and helmets needed for each session. A typical session includes a bit of coach directed workshop time. We start with the basics like learning how to push, balance, turn etc. Then we progress onto ramps and more difficult tricks depending on what the students would like to try in more of a free skate kind of style. We find that parents and teachers are often very surprised with what their students can learn on a skateboard. If you would like to have a trial, book a one on one private lesson with our team or join us at our upcoming free family event, October 14th at Waterview Skatepark

August 2023 Additions:

Watercare have launched a Priority Assistance service. Priority assistance is a service which can help provide additional support to customers with additional needs during water outages. There is a webpage with the key benefits of joining this service and dedicated to signing up customers’ who would like to be receiving this support here.

Auckland Community Law Centre’s FREE legal education series, Know Your Rights, is back and ready to go! All sessions are available both by webinar and in-person and will run from 15 August to 20 September 2023.  Webinars are one hour long, and in-person seminars are 3 hours long with a practical element included for attendees. Feel free to share this with your communities – all are welcome! Please see the flyer for all of the key information about these sessions. If you would like hard copies of these documents or have any questions, contact the Auckland Community Law Centre at or (09) 377 9449.

Accessible Democracy Flyer – Come along to IHC’s 2023 Election Forum featuring politicians from a range of parties. Designed specifically for disabled voters like you, this free event is a great opportunity to share your concerns and perspectives. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.   Every voice matters and we need yours!  You can send questions for politicians on the panel ahead of and during the event by emailing us at This event will be streamed online. We will also have sign language interpreters and it will be live captioned. If you have any specific accessibility needs or questions, please email Please feel free to wear a mask. If you’re ill, please stay home and watch the livestream. To ensure your participation, please RSVP here.

APM Workforce – Offers employment programmes throughout Auckland.

July 2023 Additions:

Brain Play: Brain Play teaches 1:1 and small focus group STEM sessions after-school, during school hours, and online. We cover the topics coding, robotics, 3d printing, science experiments, LEGO, Minecraft & more! Brain Play runs in-person and online science & technology classes for students aged 5 – 15 all year long. We cover topics including coding, robotics, 3d printing, science experiments, LEGO, Minecraft & more! Our classes are suitable for students with disabilities and neurodiversities – we have a dedicated team who runs 1:1 and small focus group lessons with a focus student in mind. Our lessons are at the student’s pace, adaptable, supportive, and focus on positive interactions with peers, teachers, the school environment, and learning. IF, carer support, and ORS funding can be used to fund your Brain Play lessons – our team can assist you with this. Click here

Brite Buddyz – Special Care Social Club offers a holiday programme, social club and a day programme for young adults (coming soon). Come join us for Brite Buddy’s first Holiday Club. 3 – 13 July. 9am – 4pm. Ages 5 – 14. Cost $65 per day. For additional hours the Social Club will be available. Brite Buddyz aims to create a social space for special needs children and young adults, where they can come and enjoy some time out of their home environment to participate in various activities of their choice and learn basic life skills to prepare themselves for the outside world.

Our services: Holiday Club – 3 -13 July. 9am – 4pm. Ages 5 – 14. Cost $65 per day. Social Club – open Monday to Friday. 2:30pm to 6pm. annual membership fee 2 x carer support days + $25 per session. Day programme for young adults: coming soon.  For more information click here.

May 2023 Additions:

Maybo Training – For over 25 years we have been dedicated to helping organisations reduce risks surrounding behaviours of concern and workplace violence through the design and delivery of engaging, outcome-focused training. From our in-depth positive behaviour support programme through to our de-escalation and physical skills content, we have developed low arousal approaches for people with intellectual disabilities, living with autism or differing sensory needs. Maybo is passionate about the delivery of person-centred, human rights-based models of care that reduce the need for restrictive practices and improve participant’s quality of life.

Our learning methods are consistent with positive behaviour support and align to the Enabling Good Lives principles, focusing on primary and secondary strategies for preventing and defusing
behaviours of concern. This helps staff to improve their environment, recognise and reduce restrictive practices, engage them in ways that reduce behaviours of concern, promote respect and choices for the individual, better understand a person’s physiological and emotional needs.  Alongside proactive strategies to reduce behaviours of concern, we teach reactive strategies that help to safely de-escalate emotive situations. While our focus is on avoiding the need for physical interventions, some settings may, at times, need to use these to create safety, and we can provide simple low-arousal methods for use as a last resort. Training delivery format: On-site at client premises, off-site as organised by the client, or virtual delivery. Enquire for more information on the right programme for you and your organisation.  For more information click here. Email to

April 2023 Additions:

Active Minds Our big family enjoys being together on weekends and have decided we can support some parents and carers while caring and looking after their loved ones as a meaningful and purposeful family undertaking. Most of us work in the health industry and have experience in supporting people with disabilities and the elderly. We understand that there are some Saturdays when parents and carers need to do other tasks and activities, or even find themselves in need of some “me” time. We offer a safe environment where your loved ones can enjoy fun and meaningful activities.
We will start our programme on the 6th of May with a free disco and refreshments from 11.30-12.30pm. Succeeding Saturdays will be from 9.00-2.30. Venue is at Ratepayers’ Hall, 336 Rangatira road, Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland. For any queries, please email: or call 0212077672.

TryaCycle Event Series – This is a chance to give adaptive cycling a try in a safe, supported, fun environment. Opening day Sunday 23 April – 11am – 4pm. Further series dates are Sundays 30 April as well as Sundays 7, 14, and 21 of May. Location: Silo Park Waterfront. Jellicoe Harbour, 34 Bridgham Street, Auckland. For more information and to book your free session visit

March 2023 Additions:

NZ Connection Circle is part of We Are Brave Together, a non-profit organisation. The heart of We Are Brave Together is to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and validate all moms of children with disabilities through their unique and difficult caregiving journeys. Your story matters and you are not alone. Currently we meet every third Thursday of the month.

February 2023 Additions:

Disability Focus Group on Low-Emissions Transition – The Government is developing an Equitable Transitions Strategy to make sure that Aotearoa New Zealand’s transition to a high-wage and low-emissions future is equitable and inclusive. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment [MBIE] and the Ministry of Social Development [MSD] want your help to shape this transition. These workshops are a critical opportunity to gain the disability community’s perspectives on an important subject that will affect everyone’s daily lives in the near future. Online: 22nd March 4pm – 6.30pm via zoom, 24th of March, 4pm-6:30pm via zoom. Please register by clicking on this Registration Link.  Click here for more information.

Music and Fun Playgroup – Remuera Rd New Market, for preschool children with special needs. Music & Fun Playgroup gives children with special needs, up to 5 years, and their parents/carers the chance to play and socialise in a fun and supportive environment. Music is an important part of the group. Run by two retired neurodevelopmental therapists & parents.

EGL in Education korero – VIPS Equity in Education Lunch Hour Chat -VIPS Equity in Education are excited to get this conversation going. Come along and join us to explore what EGL in education could look like for you and your disabled child. Click here for details. Here is a link to the Education in EGL position paper.

IHC – 2023 Free Self Advocacy Forums – Calling all people with an intellectual disability, want to learn about self-advocacy, meet new friends, learn some new skills, if you do come to IHC advocacy forums.  Click here for more information.

Older notices

The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand: Are you a person affected by stroke looking for support?
First established over 40 years ago, the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand is the only national organisation providing information and personalised, community-based services to people who have survived a stroke, as well as their whānau. The Stroke Foundation employs Community Stroke Advisors and Return to Work Advisors, who offer a vital range of free services throughout New Zealand. These services range from home visits, rehabilitation advice, workplace advocacy and referrals to health professionals all over NZ that help stroke survivors recover. The Stroke Foundation also employs a team of health promoters who travel the country and work to prevent strokes by educating the public about recognising the early signs of a stroke and administering free blood pressure checks in the community. The Stroke Foundation is closely affiliated to Stroke Clubs across Aotearoa that run regular networking support groups and exercise classes, while also offering social activities and events to its members. Stroke Foundation’s Vision: “A nation where significant steps are taken to reduce the number of strokes, everyone understands and responds to key risk factors, and that anyone affected by stroke is supported and empowered”. click here for website

The Fire Denyer – The Fire Denyer automatically shuts off power to your kitchen stove and appliances when smoke is detected due to unattended cooking, (being distracted by your phone, or kids etc) and alerts all of your home with the interconnected hard wire smoke alarms. To turn off the smoke alarm noise, you simply push the ‘Hush Button’ which can be conveniently located at any height on the wall so that it can be reached by those in a wheelchair. This device can also come with flashing light & bed shaker alerters for the deaf/hearing impaired. Click here for website and contact details (Added Oct 2022)

Birkdale Beach Haven Community Project Inc – Community Update, New Staff Welcome, Holiday Programme click here

SpecialGifts – SpecialGifts has partnered with local disabled people to showcase their products in exclusive corporate gift boxes, with an aim of improving equity in Aotearoa Click here for more details (Added Oct 2022)

ITsAccessible provide IT education to disabled people and free website development to any registered non-profit charity. They have provided the New Zealand disability community with free IT education, hardware, software, and free website development for registered charities for eight years and are winners of the Access Alliance 2021 best education website. Click here for more information (Added Sept 2022)

Repair Cafē – Community Hub of Roskill South is keen to make contact with volunteers who are interested in being part of a “repair café” that would service their local community. Click here (Added Sept 2022)

Swim for everyone – Disability Swimming – funding available through the Halberg Foundation’s Activity Fund for those aged between 5 and 21-years-old. Click here for link (added 22 September 2022)

Able Comics – creating social stories using photo strips to promote and support the success of disabled people (Updated 24 August 2022)
Able Comics offers a unique approach, and provides a powerful visual approach to supporting disabled people and their success. The opportunity to use a visual social story to link transition, planning, funding and support together for the individual is very well matched to the focus of Enabling Good Lives which the government is directing disability services and supports towards. The link here is to the PDF which gives contact details and includes a QR code for the Able Comics website. We create social stories using photo strips to promote the support and success of disabled people. Able Comics is an independent provider of creative communication services for the disability community. We use photo strips in a comic style format to deliver strong messaging and stories for disabled people, support staff and service providers. Turning away from the medical model and diagnostic records we can explore individuals’ attributes, needs and wishes and develop a narrative that tells their unique stories. We can also support organisations as they communicate changes to achieve good lives for disabled people. ​

ADHD/ASD Services available (added 16 February 2021)
(APM) are offering a new service in Auckland and Wellington for children/youth with ASD/ADHD/sensory disorders. This includes psychologist assessment for these disorders. Click here for more information.

Adult Guardianship Services (updated 24 August 2022)
Maximising the voice and rights of people with disabilities. We support individuals, families and providers with: Care and Welfare Guardianship applications, Property adminsitration/management applications , Personal Orders, ‘Under the Protection and Property Rights Act 1988’ We also provide independent advocacy services (Greater Auckland area only). Our services cost from $30 to $400 (a full outline of fees is on our website) or email or 021 087 67583

Child Advocacy NZ Service (added 31 May 2019)
Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them. Who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best person they possibly can be. My name is Adriana, I am a child education advocate and I am Child Advocacy NZ. I am a fully registered, qualified teacher and resource teacher of learning and behaviour with other 20 years of experience working in the NZ schools. Together we can breakdown barriers by building a network of bridges through the power of connection. Adriana van Altvorst, or, 027 237 4262. Click the page numbers for fliers – pages one, two and three.

Connect the Dots ‘My Art Bags’ available for purchase for creativity and wellbeing (added 15 October 2021)
We have created individual, fully resourced ‘My Art Bag’ art packs to support creativity, wellbeing and connection for our older adults. There are several to choose from, and they come with all the necessary art materials (that the purchaser can keep), easy to follow instructions for a warm up and activity around a theme, as well as a sweet treat. Whilst there is a small charge, these have been heavily subsidised as we want to be sure that people are experiencing the mindfulness that comes from concentrated engagement in an activity. They can be purchased here

Covert Theatre (updated 24 August 2022)
NZ ‘s only improv comedy theatre and we’re located in Ponsonby, Auckland. We have a program running for teenagers 13 – 17 yrs old, with Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism with low needs, who have difficulty communicating with others and social interactions; who are interested in developing their communication skills and making new friends in a fun and safe environment. The program enhances the social-emotional development of neuro-diverse kids and they learn communication, resilience, creative thinking and collaboration skills all while having massive fun.  Studies have shown that improv theatre improves social responsiveness, acknowledgement of the perspective of others, participation, and cooperation among youth with ASD. The Connect program is designed in conjunction with the Indiana University. In this program, we use embodied learning and play to embed the learning and make it accessible for children of all ages.

Epilepsy Sensors and Te Wana Care (added 26 August 2021)
Te Wana Ltd is the NZ distributor for Alert-it UK who supply professional Care and Epilepsy sensors manufactured to the highest standards. I have attached some information on two of the Epilepsy Sensors we supply and here is a link to our website The website currently only has a sample of what we can offer and the risks that could be managed with our systems. I will be offering full before and after-sales support with each sensor and system I supply. All sales come with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. Most sensors come with 3 year manufactures warranty.  Click here for mini solution  and here for pulse solution.

Fullpower Healthy Relationships online stories released (updated 24 August 2022)
The Fullpower Healthy Relationships programme is an evidence based programme that teaches personal safety in relationships, what consent looks like, how to set and respect boundaries – building resiliency and preventing bullying, violence, sexual violence and abuse.  The programme is suitable for classrooms, groups, or individuals, is easily adaptable and is fun and easy. Click here for more information.

A Helpful Online Safety Guide for People With Autism Spectrum Disorders (updated 24 August 2022)
People from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds fall victim to online bullying and cybercrime, but studies have shown that those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more susceptible to online threats than others. Click here for the website.

Glass Ceiling Arts Collective (updated August 24 2022) Glass Ceiling Arts Collective Accessible Youth Theatre Programes are coming to Tauranga and Auckland (South, West, North shore and Rodney.) These fun packed Youth Theatre programs support all young people to have top notch Performing Arts training at very low cost. Glass Ceiling Arts Collective’s highly trained tutors use accessible teaching techniques and dedicated support actors in a class where young people have choices about what they do. From full scale Musical Productions to short films and awesome Dance shows this programs empowers young people to develop their own creative potential, their way.
Go to for more information and to register.

‘Media Lab’ creative programmes – Easy Beats and YouTuber Studio by Spectrum Care (added 23 April 2021)
Our team at Spectrum Care has been developing some brand-new creative programmes, within our new ‘Media Lab’ project. We aim to provide a variety of high-quality, low- or no-cost creative skills activities and learning sessions. Some will be more play based, while others will be more focused on learning outcomes. All are designed to be engaging and accessible for all abilities! Click here for more details

New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) (updated 24 August 2022)
All fees fully covered by TTAF for NZ citizens and permanent residents. Level 3, 31 weeks 71 free. New Zealand has an aging population meaning this is a growth industry which has an increasing need for workers to provide care and support services for the older person, the sick and those recovering from injury or operations. Develop your knowledge and interpersonal skills to become part of the Health Care sector. Work as a healthcare assistant to support and care for people in private homes, hospitals, general practices or rest homes in a range of contexts including acute care, primary care, aged residential care and other therapeutic programmes. There will be an element of online learning as well as a face-to-face component. The practical assessments will be undertaken on site and in a placement. 10 NCEA Level 1 credits in literacy and 10 NCEA Level 1 credits in numeracy, an academic qualification at least equivalent to the above • 17 years old or over. Click here for flier.

Pop in Care – Qualified in home care (up dated August 24 2022)
We know caregiving can be a physical and emotional stress for family members. We’re here to lend a helping hand. At Pop in care we want to help you maintain your loved ones quality of life. We will create a bespoke care plan that is as unique as they are. Our team of dedicated caregivers deliver exceptional support by providing safe and loving in home care. • Companionship • Home Help • Personal Care • Advanced Care • Post-Operative Care • Palliative. Contact Janelle 021 755 528 and click here to view their flier.

Recreate offer a large variety of different options for your youth and adults programmes from age 10-35yo – Available Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch (updated 24 August 2022)
Adventure Camps and Multi Day Adventures – We Live & Breathe the great outdoors. From Seeking Summits for the thrill seekers to Adventure Camps and Multi-day Adventures, we’ll help you develop and master specific outdoor skills from the snow to the sea.
Social Outings / Get Togethers – Whether you’re after a fun night out, a day with friends or a safe, relaxing weekend away, we have you covered. Our Urban Youth, Short Breaks and Mothers retreats have it all!
​Holiday Programmes to see the local sights with great people, or Getaways for a multi-day experience somewhere new. We know how to have a good time. Join us!
​Life Skills, Moxie Programmes – ​Want to try your hand at something new? Our Life Skills and Moxie Programmes will develop your skills and help you prepare for greater independence, the workplace and a successful
Check out our programme streams here to find something that’s right for you!

Sexuality Education and Consultancy (updated 24 August 2022)
I work as an educator relating to sexuality and disability. My website is I’d be very happy for you to share this with other centres. Claire Ryan,

Skillet Accessible Marketplace of Services, Activities and Events (updated 24 August 2022)
Skillet is New Zealand’s accessible marketplace of services, activities and events. Launched in 2020, Skillet’s community includes Kiwis with disabilities, senior citizens and businesses that are committed to accessibility, inclusion and dignity for all. Sign up for your free account using the link below:

Storytime with Indi
Storytime with Indi -YouTube channel Hi, My name is Indika, and I have Autism. People like me with Autism have special interests and one of mine is reading. I make these videos with help from my brother Sasanka, my mother and my mentor Manuela.
Please subscribe as we will keep uploading more stories regularly. Hope you enjoy listening and watching as much as we enjoyed creating these stories. Here is the link to my story about The Gingerbread Man. Thank you so much for your support. Indika Asith Mendis